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WorldLiveTV under no circumstances be held responsible for any form of harm inherent in these hyperlinks. Let us know if you do not want you to be offered links to your website or video material. We will remove them immediately.
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1. In general 
  Any use of the Web site World Live TV is subject to these Terms of Use. World TV Live reserves the right to alter, amend or replace these Terms of Use at any time without further notice. The access or use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use as they stand. Any use of the Web site World Live TV is at risk.
2. Accessibility Site World Live TV
  World TV Live expressly excludes any liability for the availability of the Web site World Live TV reserves the right to fully or partly stop operating and/or'delivery of this website and to restrict their access at any time and without further notice. 
3 Using the World Live Web site and TV content and Information provided 
The website World Live TV is not a site for profit. It collects on its web pages, the streaming of all TV broadcasting in the world in clear and free of charge via the Internet. All information published by World Live TV is provided to you free of charge. Any user may use and documenting the information for their personal use. World Live TV points out that the multimedia content on the site (video) are of his property and not the residents on their servers, but on those of their respective owners. World Live TV is limited to simply collect them and connect to each, the videos are already clearly visible on the websites of their respective owners. World Live TV is therefore not responsible for the content. All information (ie links to the video above) were collected and monitored by World Live TV with the greatest care and is available from WORLD LIVE TV to its best knowledge. Where the information originates from third parties, has been adopted without any changes. Each user is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is accurate, complete and / or updated. WORLD LIVE TV assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from errors, incompleteness, lack of timeliness of information, links, errors or malfunctioning video and / or possible lack thereof by the user. 
When accessing and/or 'Use of the Website WORLD LIVE TV, the user undertakes not to carry out the following activities: 
- Harm other persons, particularly minors, or infringe their personal rights; 
- Violating the common sense of decency; 


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- Transmit, store or upload hyperlinks or contents to which the user is not entitled, in particular in cases where such hyperlinks or contents to appear in violation of confidentiality obligations or are in any way unlawful; 
- Distribute advertising or unsolicited bulk email (known as "spam") or incorrect warnings regarding viruses, defects or similar situations, and you must not seek or request the participation in any lottery, chain of S. Antonio, pyramid or similar activities. 

WORLD LIVE TV is not responsible for any damage resulting from any misuse of the information supplied. 
4. Links, content and information of third parties
The Web site WORLD LIVE TV may contain links and pointers to web pages belonging to third parties. WORLD LIVE TV assumes no responsibility and has no approval regarding these pages and their contents, since WORLD LIVE TV can not exercise any control over the information or content found therein. In no event LIVE WORLD TV is responsible for quality, accuracy or completeness of any information.

5 Download Windows Media Player o other SOFTWARE 
WORLD LIVE TV makes available a link to software "windows media player" on Microsoft's website, which is necessary for displaying video, any and all use of such software will be subject to the license terms of legitimate supplier or the particular manufacturer (license agreement ). These conditions are transferred along with the software and/or are obtainable from the manufacturer distributor of the software. In general, the user is not able to install such software without accepting the relevant terms and conditions of license.
The software available for download can be used exclusively for private use or testing purposes only. Any other use may and will be prosecuted according to law. Are subject to the requirements of law as applicable in individual countries. WORLD LIVE TV does not assume any liability for damage caused directly or indirectly from using downloaded. THE SAME RULES FOR OTHER SOFTWARE NECESSARY TO VIEW CHANNELS

Although WORLD LIVE TV makes every effort to maintain the Web site WORLD LIVE TV free of virus, WORLD LIVE TV can not provide any guarantee that it is free from viruses. You must, for its own protection, take the appropriate measures to protect and use a virus scanner before downloading any information, software or documentation.


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